About Us

We created Crypto Genius earlier this year to help prepare several new investors for understanding how cryptocurrencies work. Our business originated in London, England, as a small group of friends looking to make some side money. When we discovered how talented we were in cryptocurrencies, we decided to meet up with some old buddies to make an app.

That simple reason is why we wanted to create some software that primarily focuses on automated trading. Not only could we earn more money having a computer do some trading for us, but we could also build a reputation among our tech friends by creating Crypto Genius! They say the sky’s the limit, so we wanted to aim big!

Crypto Genius is an app primarily about trading cryptocurrencies with a large focus on automated trading. It was a unique idea with a ton of potential, so we wanted to expand on that potential for greatness! Some of the hours developing it were grueling, but it was well worth it in the end.


Why Automated Trading?

Automated trading seemed like a nifty idea to invest our time and money into. Manual trading apps are over-bloated as it is, so we wanted to stand out. We know the crypto market’s ins and outs, so we had a general idea of rising trends and when to sell our cryptocurrencies. Then we hit a roadblock: “How do we automate it to trade options successfully and not kill the user’s bank account?”

It took us a while to test out various algorithms with our old buddies in London. Initial tests were promising but ultimately unreliable. Fortunately, we evolved our software to a state we could be proud of and something we can give to others. The main reason we chose automated trading, aside from uniqueness, was because we also had friends who wanted to invest in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.

Unfortunately, we could not always contact them to sell during a downswing or purchase it before an upswing. Life can get in the way, but automated trading is excellent for that situation! Now, we could give our inexperienced buddies Crypto Genius and let that help them out. Once that started to work for everybody, we decided to open up this website so people like you can also get lucky and use Crypto Genius.

The Future

As excellent as Crypto Genius is, there’s always room for improvement. We can expand manual trading and introduce some educational material on the website to help introduce newcomers to trading.

Our future involving this software is boundless! Now the question is, what about your future? Crypto Genius ’s origin story may not be the most riveting, but it’s an honest one. Not everything is overly dramatic and full of twists and turns. Likewise, your future can also be simple.

Investing with Crypto Genius may become one of the best financial decisions in your life. If you browse the website and are impressed with what you see, feel free to register today!