About Crypto Genius

Get to Know the Developers of Crypto Genius!

Developing Crypto Genius took years of effort and hard work. Naturally, it wasn’t easy to develop a whole platform that could help you by analyzing the market and recommending better trades specifically suited to your set of preferences.

The creators started as traders themselves. On their way to becoming professional traders, they tried many trading platforms that claimed to be the best on the market. Yet, none of them helped them achieve their goals nor get close to them.

The problem with those platforms is that using them was too difficult for beginners. All of them used technical language and complex tools that confused anyone who used them. Apart from that, it didn’t bring a lot of benefits to professionals, so it wasn’t worth it.

That’s when the developers of Crypto Genius decided to make their own crypto trading platform! They did thorough market research and started the development process. After working for a long time and going through all the tests needed, Crypto Genius is ready and available for the public!

The Mission of Crypto Genius

With Crypto Genius, the team aims to help both beginners and professional traders all around the world. Crypto Genius was created to make trading more accessible and simpler.

Some trading platforms are excellent for beginners but not so much for pros. Others are excellent for professionals but too complex for people that are just starting their trading journey. This crypto trading platform was designed to help you regardless of how experienced you are at trading.

Crypto Genius does that by analyzing your previous trades and determining your level of expertise. That way, you don’t have to read complex terms if you are a beginner or use oversimplified language if you are a professional trader.

Why Was Crypto Genius Developed?

The main reason behind the development process of Crypto Genius was the love for trading! Since the beginning, the developers have studied the market and cryptocurrencies to better understand how everything worked. 

At Crypto Genius, they don’t want this journey to end, so they want to help new people get into the trading world without going through the same struggles they did. Looking for a crypto trading platform is no easy task. That’s the reason Crypto Genius offers you a trading platform that might help you make better trading decisions.

The trading world needs more people that help others to grow and improve their trading skills. Crypto Genius moves towards that goal, It keeps improving and updating to give you a more comfortable trading experience.