About Us

Here Is Our Story:

The Crypto Genius software is the brainchild of its creator, Chris Peterson. He is known for being a top venture capitalist in NYC, and he has a staggering net worth. The team was brought together to realize Chris' vision, as he wanted to establish a system that would break the conventional barriers to trade where cryptocurrency is concerned.

As an expert in the field, he knew what he had to go through to get the level of understanding that he currently has. Of course, his knowledge is one of the key factors that plays into his remarkable success. Unfortunately, the average person does not have the sheer experience that Chris managed to amass. Does that mean that these people are less deserving of living a comfortable life?

This is not the case, which is why Chris set out to establish a platform to allow an average person to trade just like he can, even without knowing a thing about cryptocurrency trading. Suddenly, with the barriers removed, everyone has a fair chance, which the team continues to work towards.


About the Software

Of course, there are trading principles and preferences that factor into making consistently successful trades. Our guiding mission required us to make the necessary considerations, so that an automated platform could handle all of this in the backend without needing any user intervention. We know that if we threw the complexities of virtual currency trading at an ordinary person, a lot of money would probably be lost.

So, we spent the time necessary to test and fine-tune the Crypto Genius software, until it became the ideal trading platform that it is today. Chris and the team all have a vested interest in turning our members' lives around. Based on the reviews from many satisfied users so far, the objective is being met.

Anyone who knows Chris knows that he always seeks to make things better, even when there seems to be no room for improvement. Therefore, he has ensured that we remain committed to continuously improving the Crypto Genius system, so that the experience can be even smoother.

Our programming is already very sophisticated and efficient, but we continue to look for ways to optimize our software even further. Stagnation is never acceptable, and we intend to continue investing our time into fine-tuning things, just as we encourage our members to keep reinvesting in a more comfortable future. 

About Our Agenda:

One of the best things about how the team decided to go about this project is that there are no charges that members must deal with. Chris doesn't believe in charging people to earn because they lack a particular area of expertise. All we want to do is spread our system, so that more people who are not in the best financial space can take advantage of the tremendous earning potential that the Crypto Genius provides. We want your help to share the word with others who need a break. To this end, we ask that you leave a comment about your own experience with the system if you are a member. The success stories of satisfied members are the perfect points of motivation to broaden the Crypto Genius community.

We want to take this opportunity to thank all who decided to use our platform again the level of affluence that they desire.